The Anti-Bullying Alliance, NSPCC and Diana Award have developed packs for use in schools to introduce the campaign to schools. You can access the school pack at the bottom of this page, the packs are designed for secondary school age children/ key stage 3 and 4.
These packs can help you to encourage young people to think twice about how they respond to cyberbullying and is aimed to be a starter message. You can then access other resources from across the anti-bullying sector at the end of this pack to help you continue to bring your anti-cyberbullying strategy to life.

Stop Speak Support Day in Anti-Bullying Week 2018

Stop Speak Support Day is on the 15th November during Anti-Bullying Week and aims to shine a spotlight on cyberbullying. It’s an empowering campaign designed by young people and includes the many resources for schools including the Stop Speak Support Code, a campaign and film and tools for parents and carers. The day is coordinated by the Anti-Bullying Alliance

If you want to cover Stop Speak Support day in your classroom then check out our handouts and assembly plans


School Pack 2018 >

Assembly Presentation: Stop Speak Support >

Handout 1: Is It Cyberbullying? >

Handout 2: Bystander vs Upstander >

Handout 3: The Stop Speak Support Code >

Handout 4: Stop Speak Support Beat Poem >