Social Rules

Posting stuff

We really want to hear your comments on Stop Speak Support and the wider issues around online bullying. But there are a few things to remember when posting comments:


We’re not counsellors

We don’t give counselling on social media.


It’s public

So think before you post. Be careful with any private details about you or your friends.


We might have to remove comments

Sometimes we have to hide or delete comments to keep people safe online.


Other organisations may be able to help

We can’t offer support on social media, but we can point you in the direction of organisations that can. Childline are experienced at dealing with all kinds of bullying – visit for more information, or call them on 0800 1111.


There are some no-nos

We may delete comments that mention:

  • someone being harmed
    This includes a comment about you or someone else being abused or neglected – now or in the past. We need to know you’re safe, so will pass this information onto the NSPCC.
  • personal details
    This includes personal information about you or other people. We will delete anything which mentions things like your school, phone or email address.
  • your location.
    You can share a general place you live, like a city. But anything too specific, like mentions of a park or small town, could be deleted.
  • events you’re going to.
    Posting that you’re going to a concert or university open day could put you at risk. This includes posting about plans to meet up with people.
  • anything not in English.
    We’re a service for young people in the UK so comments need to be in English.
  • unsuitable websites or hashtags.
    Talking about things that are helpful for young people is great, but any mentions of sites or # that link to inappropriate or unsafe material have to be deleted.


We may also have to delete comments if they say you’re under 13. Facebook and YouTube only allow people over 13 to have accounts.


We can only delete comments after they have been posted. So please be extra careful about what you say.